Who am I?

I am currently a Junior at Boston University, majoring in Computer Science and Economics.

I’m an entrepreneurial student with a wide range of interests; every year I seem to reinvent myself and become immersed in a passion. These include art and design, where I am very proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; fitness, where I’ve read two personal trainer textbooks cover-to-cover; Chinese, which I have taken for > 5 years; technology, where I have served several internships; and most recently the Navy, in which I plan to commission as an officer in 2016 via Boston University’s NROTC program. I also play chess in my free time (challenge me here).

I recently began collecting first edition, first printing, signed-by-author American History books (especially biographies). Currently the cornerstone in my collection is a signed Arthur Schlesinger A Thousand Days, detailing John F. Kennedy’s stay in the White House.

I’m tremendously goal oriented, my free time is filled with learning what I don’t know and improving what I already understand. If you are a teacher, please challenge me; if you are a friend, please correct my flaws; and if you are a stranger, please introduce yourself!